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PATH Santa Barbara

PATH Santa Barbara is addressing homelessness for individuals and the community. Our interim housing facility is dedicated to helping homeless individuals access the services they need to improve their health, increase their income, and transition to stable housing - all under one roof.


PATH was founded in Los Angeles in 1984, by a community that was concerned about their homeless neighbors. What started out as an organized effort handing out clothes and food, has grown into a Housing First organization that is meeting the new needs of our homeless population throughout California. 

For the last decade, PATH has practiced the Housing First model, which means that we strive to move our clients into housing as quickly as possible, even if they still have challenges to work through. Once moved into their own home, we continue to provide services and work with individuals to make sure that they remain in their home and never have to resort to living on the streets again. 

We are very happy to be a part of the Santa Barbara community, working to rebuild lives and strengthen neighborhoods.

PATH Santa Barbara

On July 1st, 2015, Casa Esperanza Homeless Shelter merged with PATH to become PATH Santa Barbara. We are very happy to be a part of the Santa Barbara community, working to rebuild lives and strengthen neighborhoods.

PATH Santa Barbara offers:

  • A customized approach for reducing homelessness in Santa Barbara
  • A deeper level of client-centered programs and operational expertise
  • Best practices that have proven successful in other communities
  • A focus on measurable, achievable outcomes
  • A priority on improving local neighborhoods

Onsite programs at the interim housing facility embody a "one-stop shop" model of integrated housing and resources, designed to reduce barriers for people experiencing homelessness so they can access the support they need - all under one roof.

With your help, PATH aims to help 10,000 people Make It Home by 2020 throughout California. 

Success Story

Ray "The Pirate" Charts a New Course

For almost 20 years Ray Lucero called the streets of Isla Vista his home. This was where he slept, panhandled, performed as a musician and drank. Despite his almost constant inebriation and rag-tag appearance, residents of the area regarded Ray as a colorful novelty and referred to him as "the Pirate". The name suits Ray well, even today, with his gravelly voice and black eye-patch he's worn ever since losing his eye in a traffic accident in 1975.

The pirate life took a serious toll on Ray's body. Injury and illness made Ray a regular at the Cottage Hospital emergency room. In 2004 Ray found Casa Esperanza and a respite from the rigors of the street but the ravages of alcoholism continued. For 10 years Ray drifted in and out of Casa Esperanza's doors as his health continued to decline, leaving him high on the City's Vulnerability Index. In December of 2013 Ray was, once again, discharged from Cottage Hospital to a medical bed at Casa Esperanza. However, this time the rules had changed. Casa Esperanza had become a "sober living" facility. Ray would have to give up his addiction in order to stay. And he did!

With the help of Casa's recovery coach, Carmen Uribe, Ray maintained his sobriety throughout the "winter shelter" period. When the time came to discharge 100 winter shelter temporary residents, Casa's housing coach and Director of Operations, Nicole Menegon, invited Ray to stay. She had observed how seriously Ray was taking his sobriety and recognized an opportunity to remove one of our homeless friends from the Vulnerability Index and place him in permanent housing.

Beginning on April 1, 2014 Ray agreed to enroll in Casa's 20-20-60, three-phase housing program. He had to remain sober. Each month he had to deposit 70% of his SSI income into a designated Casa savings account. He had to meet with Nicole weekly to strategize and fill out housing applications. And then Ray had to follow up on those applications with visits to various subsidized housing projects. Ray did it all. And on May 9th was housed at The Victoria Hotel (a project of People's Self-Help Housing).

Ray is now 61 years old and faces the challenge of starting his life over again. When asked what his hopes are for the future, Ray talks about finding a sense of "family" and "home" and maybe even embarking on a business venture. It won't be easy but Ray's got a lot of people who will continue to offer support. Nicole still meets with Ray regularly to offer help and encouragement. Claudia at Common Ground; Jennifer at C.A.R.E.S.; Emily at Legal Aid; and the staff at The Victoria Hotel are all committed to seeing Ray succeed.

Ray still lets out a gravelly "AAAAAARGH" now and then. And his eye-patch is still emblazoned with a skull and crossbones. But this pirate has now set a new course. Ray is finally sailing home!

PATH Santa Barbara was formerly Casa Esperanza Homeless Shelter.   
Casa merged with PATH on July 1st, 2015.    

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