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PATH Services provides the support that homeless individuals and families need in order to successfully transition from living on the street to thriving in homes of their own. High-quality supportive services are critical to ensuring that the people we serve are able to not only move into permanent homes, but stay in permanent homes long-term. The services we provide are available to anyone who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

PATH is committed to helping 10,000 individuals, Veterans, and families Make It Home by 2020!

The PATH Out of Homelessness

1. Know That You Are Special

No matter what people have said to you in the past, and no matter how you feel about yourself right now, you are a unique and special person. Always remember that you are filled with the ability to do what is right and be who you want to be.

2. Acknowledge Your Barriers

First, acknowledge the issues that have led to your homelessness. Whether these include substance abuse, personal trauma, unemployment, health problems, troubled relationships or other factors, you must accept these issues for what they are before you can overcome them. Identify your personal barriers, then work to address them one by one.

3. Take Personal Responsibility

It's up to you to overcome your situation, even if you have been hurt by others or feel that circumstances have conspired against you. Taking control of your own life's direction will accomplish far more than pointing fingers.

4. Set Realistic Goals

Take small steps instead of trying to take giant leaps. It's great to have dreams for your future, but be realistic. Focus on slow, steady steps that will help you overcome your barriers and ultimately transition out of homelessness. Remember: Every step you take toward improving your life is important, even if it seems small.

5. Pay Your Debts

Just as you want others to honor their commitments to you, you must honor your commitments to others. Establish a realistic plan to pay off all debts. Communicate with debtors if you are unable to make the required payments at the present time, as many of them will work with you to establish a workable payment plan.

6. Value Relationships

Relationships are the most valuable asset you have. Support from friends, family, and sometimes even strangers is important to successfully reaching your goals. Work to nurture your existing relationships, and try to reestablish good relationships that have fallen by the wayside. However, it's also important to learn to let go of relationships that are unhealthy or hurtful to you and your goals.

7. Accept Support

Sometimes it can be hard to admit that you need help, but it's important to seek and accept support from people who value you during this difficult time. Seek those who will encourage you, empower you, tell you the truth about your mistakes, and help you stay on track. The best kind of support provides ongoing encouragement while still holding you accountable for your decisions.

8. Commit to Personal Renewal

Work to improve yourself as a whole person. Commit to bettering your personal relationships, improving your health, seeking higher education, learning new skills, and achieving emotional and spiritual balance.

9. Maintain Hope

Remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. If you are feeling discouraged, look back at the progress you have already made and allow yourself to look forward toward the completion of your goals. Everyone experiences setbacks and moments of doubt. Strive to focus on the positive and remember that all this work is leading toward a happier life.

10. A Life-Long Journey

Transitioning out of homelessness is an ongoing process, and your journey will continue long after you have moved back into a home of your own. Every now and then, review and re-commit yourself to the steps above to ensure that you are constantly striving to not only move out of homelessness, but to move on to a better, brighter stage of your life.


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